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What is #BeHealth?

A Community

#BeHealth is a community uniting all actors involved in Belgian Digital Health with a special focus on promising companies (startups & scaleups) and individuals thriving to improve healthcare in Belgium and beyond.

How can I be part of #BeHealth?


Joining the #BeHealth community is super easy. Social media serves as the glue for our community. Whenever you want to share something that’s relevant to #BeHealth just use the #BeHealth hashtag. That’s it!

As a first step you can follow and engage with us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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What’s Digital Health?

Digital Health is the space at the intersection of healthcare and technology that digitises human, medical, biological, health or healthcare delivery information.

A Broad Term

Digital Health includes categories such as mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (IT), wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, and personalized medicine.

Mapping The Belgian Digital Health Landscape

Engels? Anglais? Englisch? 英語?

Although #BeHealth is putting the spotlight on the Belgian Digital Health scene we want to be an inclusive channel that allows global Digital Health enthousiasts to enjoy what’s happening in Belgium. That’s why we’ve chosen to use English as key language for all the #BeHealth communication.

Belgian Digital Health Startups

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Atendi Care
BeWell Innovations

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#BeHealth is a continuously evolving community fully depending on you, the enthusiasts believing in how technology can transform and improve healthcare and our health in general.

Do you feel something is missing? A promising startup you miss in our list of startups? An initiative we should highlight? An upcoming event that should get some attention? Or do you just want to reach out and share your ideas on how Digital Health evolves in Belgium and beyond?

Let us know!

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