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Influencer Scores - #BeHealth

Influencer Scores

#BeHealth 2017 Influencer Scores

Twitter Influencers

The influencer score is based on all the Twitter users followed by the #BeHealth Twitter account.

Users Analysed
Number of Tweets Analysed

Our Metric

The scoring mechanism for the #BeHealth influencer list is based on four different metrics which are then combined into one score.

The four metrics are:

  • F: The number of times the tweets of a user have been favourited (or liked).
  • R: The number of times the tweets of a user have been retweeted.
  • I: The number of interactions a user had (through the Twitter reply feature).
  • M: The number of times a user has been mentioned.

The only metric that gets a double weight compared to the others is the number of retweets.

Score = 1/5 * F + 2/5 * R + 1/5 * I + 1/5 * M

What’s different compared to other scores such as the Klout score is that this report only takes into account actions that come from within this group of healthcare professionals. This way there is automatically a focus on people that share healthcare related content.

The scoring mechanism doesn’t take into account the number of followers a Twitter user has as this is on Twitter not always a sign of being influential. There are many bots crawling around on Twitter to follow you automatically when you tweet with a certain hashtag for example. By only monitoring how influential someone is in a certain community, in our case a community of 1390 users, the number of followers as such is irrelevant.

Let’s exemplify this with the number 100 in our list, Biocartis.

The different metrics are calculated as following:

  • F: 204 favourites by 31 different users -> 204 x 31 = 6324
  • R: 147 retweets by 20 different users -> 147 x 20 = 2940
  • I: 5 replies to 4 different users -> 5 x 4 = 20
  • M: 451 mentions by 33 different users -> 451 x 33 = 14883

Score: 1/5 x 6234 + 2/5 x 2940 + 1/5 x 20 + 1/5 x 14883 = 5421

To cope with bigger numbers we always divide the score by factor 100.

This leads to a score of 54,21 for Biocartis.

Frequently Tweeted Questions
Are my tweets included?

There’s an easy way for you to find out.

Just go to the #BeHealth Twitter account and check if we are following you.

If not, follow us first or send us a message to be included and we’ll do the rest!