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#BeHealth Influencer Scores

Twitter Influencers

The influencer score is based on all the Twitter users followed by the #BeHealth Twitter account.

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Our Metric

We use a very simple metric to calculate the influencer scores.

We define influence as the engagement a Twitter user has within a specific community, in our case the #BeHealth community with people on twitter active in healthcare. We only count the likes someone is getting from within the community, not outside.  One of the reasons why we do this is that there are plenty of bots “running around” on Twitter liking everything with a specific hashtag. By using the likes from within the #BeHealth community we get a more genuine score. That’s why we also didn’t use an existing influencer score such as the Klout score for instance.

We are currently not taking retweets into account but will optimize this metric along the way!

Note that we currently only take the last 500 tweets of a Twitter user into account.

An Example

Happy Aging sends out a tweet which is liked by 12 Twitter users.

Out of those 12 Twitter users there are 7 users that we follow with the #BeHealth Twitter account and are therefore people active in healthcare in Belgium. This adds 7 points to the influencer score of Happy Aging.

We do this for the last 500 tweets of Happy Aging and add these scores together to get to a total influencer score.

As simple as that!

Frequently Tweeted Questions
Are my tweets included?

There’s an easy way for you to find out.

Just go to the #BeHealth Twitter account and check if we are following you.

If not, follow us first or send us a message to be included and we’ll do the rest!

Help, I'm not in the top 50!

So you’re not in the top 50?

But you are still just a tiny bit curious on how well your message gets spread and whether you are on spot 51 or 600.

We have some good news for you: we can reveal your spot!

Simply tweet “@DigitalHealthBE #whatsmyspot #behealth” and we will tweet you your spot and influencer score.