Advelox proposes solutions to bring patients and their families closer to their care network through exchange of advice on health conditions, in real time 24h/24, 7d/7 Advelox wants to offer patients quick reassurance about their health conditions Advelox focuses mainly on chronically ill patients who require an intensive follow up after diagnosis and establishment of treatment at hospital and/or at the HCP practice.

By offering solutions to healthcare provider, such as Advelox does, it allow them to focus on their core mission during the consultations, which will increase quality of care and generate a more efficient work/life balance. In parallel, Advelox is answering the need to find alternatives to patients who are overloading the emergency departments, which will impact another major public health issue.

Advelox main goal is to keep the treatment doctor central in the healthcare management, in order to ensure a comprehensive overview of patient health conditions. The information shared through Advelox will be made available in a secured manner for the patient and the treatment doctor


Founders:  Paul Wulleman – Jean-Sébastien Struyf

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Brussels