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Andaman7 - #BeHealth



Andaman7 combines and improves: for doctors, an electronic health record and for patients, a personal health record. In addition to that, we built a strong platform to connect them seamlessly and make sure medical data is exchanged securely for a better collaboration and diagnosis.

With A7:

  • Healthcare Professionals and patients are able to collaborate in an efficient way and exchange data safely.
  • The patient is actively participating in their own care and treatment. Patients have access to their record anywhere, in any situation and can manage their whole family’s records.
  • Each user (patient, doctor, provider) chooses which content to share and with whom. Data is synchronized automatically, for an always up-to-date health record.
  • No medical data is kept on servers, everything stays on the users’ devices (anti-cloud, peer to peer platform).
  • The core app is and will remain free for all. The business model is based on future Premium add-ons.

Founder:  Vincent Keunen

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Boncelles

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