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Helicus - #BeHealth



Helicus is a leading organizations partner in the Helicus Aero Initiative (HAI) to develop aerial logistics solutions for the health care sector. Our vision is to enable fast, reliable, affordable and qualitative medical transport such as biological samples and medicines between health care centers. To overcome the limitations of traditional ground transport, risking traffic congestion and road accidents, critical medical cargo will be carried  by drones. This solution leverages state-of-the-art technologies to enable a safer, faster, more sustainable and efficient logistics aerial alternative.

As of 2019 urban missions are flown in the Droneport test area.  An urban demonstration between three hospitals is planned for the summer.   These will be followed by 10 urban inter-hospital routes during the second part of the year.  Commercial flights will happen at three major pilot hospital groups in 2020.

As an integrator and operator, Helicus coordinates this initiative that includes hospital groups, air traffic control authorities, traffic management platform suppliers, drone manufacturers, software development companies, telecom operators, universities and service companies offering test infrastructure and insurance solutions.


Founders: Mikael Shamim

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Antwerpen

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